Hangs around,
so fruit flies don't.

Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time & contaminate food with dangerous bacteria.

$8.95 CAD
Easy to fill & clean.

To clean, remove the head & hold under running water. Water shoots out the two holes leaving your ladybug clean.
Wherever "they" are

Put it anywhere. Recycle bins, garbage cans, compost bins, sinks & anywhere else you can think of. Stick velcro on the bottom & the lady bug can cling to walls!
Use your own bait.

Say goodbye to expensive refills & toxic bait & say hello to an enviro-friendly & non toxic solution to fruit flies. You can even practice catch & release if you would like:)

Click here for fruit fly bait recipes to help you effectively trap those pesty fruit flies.
Save your glasses.

Other traps are a sore sight in the kitchen. Everyone gets fruit flies at one point or another, but it doesn’t have to be an ugly affair.
Invented by Tom.

Tom is a big guy who had a little-big problem - Fruit flies. He was sick of using contraptions just as embarrassing as the fruit flies themselves. So Tom & Squint Inc. got together to design an attractive & effective solution.
Designed By Squint